Nashville 2014 Cast & Crew All Call

We are so excited to be back at Cornerstone Church in Nashville in 2014!

All Cast and Crew Kick Off is SUNDAY, FEB 23rd at 2pm (726 W Old Hickory, Madison 37115)

We have a place for you.  Come ready to have fun and learn where you can plug in.

For the 2014 registration please CLICK HERE.

See you soon!

3 Responses to “Nashville 2014 Cast & Crew All Call”

  1. Dana

    Soooooooo looking forward to this! Last year was my first year to the production and I was totally blown away!

  2. cindy brewington

    I was this last year at Cornerstone in Nashville. And it just blown me away! Can not wait to see it again…..

  3. Margaret Reeves(Maggie)

    We first saw The Thorn last year, We received the blessings of Christ that night I was reborn that night. We are so excited that The Thorn is back at Cornerstone as well, that me and my husband has a chance to be apart of it. We decided to come to cornerstone that Sunday and have been going there ever since at the end of this month it will be a year that me and my husband James became a member of Cornerstone Church.


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