2015 Tour Dates

City Venue Dates
Fort Worth, TX The Hills Church Map March 6-7, 2015
Upcoming Shows
Friday, Mar 06, 7:00pm Tickets Available Soon
Saturday, Mar 07, 3:00pm Tickets Available Soon
Saturday, Mar 07, 7:00pm Tickets Available Soon
Denver, CO Southeast Christian Church Map March 20-22, 2015
Upcoming Shows
Friday, Mar 20, 7:00pm Tickets Available Soon
Saturday, Mar 21, 10:00am Tickets Available Soon
Sunday, Mar 22, 4:00pm Tickets Available Soon
Sunday, Mar 22, 7:00pm Tickets Available Soon
Colorado Springs, CO New Life Church Map March 26-29, 2015
Upcoming Shows
Thursday, Mar 26, 7:00pm Buy Tickets
Friday, Mar 27, 7:00pm Buy Tickets
Saturday, Mar 28, 3:00pm Buy Tickets
Saturday, Mar 28, 7:00pm Buy Tickets
Sunday, Mar 29, 3:00pm Buy Tickets
Sacramento, CA Destiny Christian Church Map March 27-29, 2015
Upcoming Shows
Friday, Mar 27, 7:00pm Tickets Available Soon
Saturday, Mar 28, 3:00pm Tickets Available Soon
Saturday, Mar 28, 7:00pm Tickets Available Soon
Sunday, Mar 29, 3:00pm Tickets Available Soon
Nashville, TN Cornerstone Church Map

Group tickets available for parties of 10 or more. Contact Lisa at (719) 502-7477 or (877) 943-7378 (toll free) to purchase.


The Thorn is a fast-paced and intense portrayal of the passion of Jesus and may not be appropriate for some children.


Every venue is handicap accessible. Check schedule for ASL availability.

Give Tickets Now

Last year, we gave away over 10,000 tickets to people who wanted to experience The Thorn, but either couldn’t afford it or had committed to bringing a spiritual seeker. We would love to do the same thing this year, but WE NEED YOUR HELP.

As good stewards, we cannot issue scholarship tickets until they are paid for. Below, you can see how many tickets have been requested but not paid for yet. You can also read stories of people requesting tickets. To give tickets, click here.

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Because The Thorn is committed to telling the story of Jesus with excellence, the costs to produce the show are big. We ask that if you can afford a regular priced ticket, you purchase them. However, our hope is that everyone who wants to and needs to attend The Thorn is able to. With that in mind, we do offer limited scholarship tickets for 1) people who are financially struggling and 2) people who are passionate about evangelism and commit  to bring genuine seekers to The Thorn. To apply for scholarship tickets, please fill in the form below. PLEASE NOTE: Scholarship tickets are given out on a first come, first serve basis and are only issued once scholarship dollars have been received to cover them. We do ask everyone to pitch in at least $5 per ticket towards the cost of tickets.

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What do I do if I can't get my ticket to print or can't find them?

Don't worry! You're tickets can be located and printed for you at the church the day of the event. Please have your ticket number or just the first and last name of the ticket buyer. Thanks!

How long is the performance?

2 hrs and 15 minutes, including an intermission.

Is there seating that is wheelchair accessible?

Yes, every venue has seating that is designated for wheelchair accessibility. Please call for seating arrangements.

Please call The Thorn box office at 877-943-7378, or 719-502-7477.

Is there deaf interpretation available (ASL)?

Yes, please check individual cities for ASL accommodation.

Is The Thorn appropriate for children?

The Thorn is a dramatic portrayal of the passion of Christ. The music is loud in parts, the material is intense in sections, and the crucifixion portion is graphic. All that said, many parents find that The Thorn has been an important part of their child’s spiritual growth. The Thorn was originally written for teenagers and is still very appropriate for older kids. Younger kids are welcome to attend. Parents should use discretion whether or not their child is mature enough for this production. The trailer is a good sample of what the experience will be like.

Do you use special effects?

Yes. We use smoke and fog machines and the pyrotechnics give off smoke as well. If you are sensitive to smoke or have breathing issues, please choose seating away from the direct stage area. Floor seating is not recommended.

Where are the best seats?

Generally, seating in the bowl or where there is some pitch (raised seating) are the best seats. This allows for the best view of the overall production. However, sitting on the floor means you will be amongst many of the cast members and get a very close view of the crucifixion. It can be hard to see from the floor because of the fog and numerous cast members. All seats are great, it’s just different from each position.

Is there a separate children’s program?

Childcare is not provided. Children are welcome to attend with their parents (see explanation above about age appropriateness).